With our aid, five female dogs, three larger and two smaller, were brought in for sterilisation at the Association. The Roma settlements are areas which nobody wishes to deal with, even though we know that the dogs over there are mostly not equipped with chips and vaccinated, while the females are pregnant all the time, on chains that are far too short and in unsuitable conditions.

The Association Animal Angel states, that the work with the Roma is very specific. It is impossible to do things forcefully or overnight. On one and it is very complicated and exhausting, but on the other it is simple if approached in the right way. With respect, understanding and the will to educate, one can get far. We found out that the Roma in Krško cooperated in the sterilisation action nicely. A gentleman brought all five dogs to the veterinary clinic, thus relieving the team of volunteers, which work for the well-being of the dogs in those parts.

The Association Animal Angels has, in the past, already successfully cooperated with Roma from Trebnje, where they uprooted the issue of uncontrolled dog births with our aid, so we decided to help once more in the action of sterilising female dogs in the Roma settlements around Krško. At the same time, we would also like to appeal to others who care about these events to turn to the Association Animal Angels and give them some of their attention. By cooperating, we can be stronger, which we have already proven in the Roma settlement in Trebnje.

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