We could say: Mission accomplished for 70-year old ultra-marathon runner Aldo Maranzin. He has ran from 6. till 7. may 2017 and finished running 273 km without stopping from Trieste to Sank Veit. He ran accros 3 countries: Italy, Slovenia and Austria.


He started his path in Italy 5. may 2017 during the night and has arrived in Ljubljana in early hours and has been warlmy welcomed by hikers. He then continued his path called “Path by the barbwire”.

Furthermore his path led to Austra, past national borders against Wurzepass-u, that he ran at night from Saturday to Sunday and arrived in Vienna. The last part of the marathon, running bycoast Ossiacher See was the arrival of 7 May 2017 against sank Veit an der Glan, a city in Koroška.

This day was also a characteristic city half marathon, named Uniqua Sonnenlauf by the use of ultra-coming marathon runnner Aldo Maranzina. He crossed the finish line accompanied by loud applause.
Greeted by institutions, he was awarded by the mayor Gherardi Mock, Aldo Maranzina first marathoner who has successfully passed Alpe Adria Ultra Marathon. This is a proof to all those who want to pass this route!
In this venture Alda Maranzine, supported by not only the locals, where he ran past, but also of the E-Factory, which took care of the organization, as well as FitLab di Aquilinia who prepared the athlete in Slovenia mobilePark mP Park & ​​Pay and 4EGI, and even Inner Fitness Expo and E-Factory Sailing Events. Of course there are also other companies reacted positively to the event Alpe Adria Ultra Marathon: director of Trieste by undertakings FIDAL Emiliano Edera, Giuseppe Donna from the company Panathlon Club Trieste / Muggia, and Timing Ljubljana, Lauf Club Vitus and of course Ljubljana, Trieste, Sankt Veit, which thus greatly strengthening the mutual relations of the three countries Alpe Adria.
The following year the organizers plan and expect more ultra-marathon runners!
In annex: Aldo Maranzina two images, one near the van, accompanied by and coming in Sankt Veit, accompanied by a large trailer (photo credit: E_Factory)

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