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mobilePark mP is an information technology solution that enables payments of parking fees with the help of a mobile phone. With an SMS or via the smart phone application, a user can pay the parking fee for the planned parking duration immediately after parking, and can extend the time remotely, if needed.

Key advantages for the user:
• a solution suitable for users of any mobile phone
• easy payment without a parking receipt
• notifications about the end of parking time
• remote payment and extension of parking time
• various payment methods (SMS, credit card)
• remote balance check and parking availability
• possibility of payment for foreign citizens, etc.

Key advantages for you:
• decrease of current costs (e.g. printing costs for parking receipts)
• no initial investment
• remote extension of parking time
• concern for sustainable mobility, as a user, before deciding to park
can check availability of individual parking area
• automatic informing on the location of available parking spots
• option of system upgrade to charge for EV charging station use

WHY mobilePark mP?
mobilePark mP is an elegant solution that will reduce the costs of printing parking receipts and allow your
customers to remotely extend the parking time – completely without initial investments. mobilePark mP can
also be used by foreign citizens. Your customers can use the mobilePark mP system to easily check the availability
of parking areas, and, based on that information, very quickly decide to park in an area that initially seems
completely full. One of the key advantages of mP is the care for sustainable mobility. Using the mobilePark mP
system, a driver will always be informed about the location of a free parking spot, and the system will direct him
to the part of the parking area that has the most free spots.
mobilePark mP can be upgraded according to your wishes, e.g. by charging for EV charging station use.

HOW DOES mobilePark mP WORK?
A user has the option to pay the parking fee using two methods: by sending an SMS or via the smart phone
application, which is available for the two most popular operating systems – Android and iOS.

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