Dear "MobilePark" with pleasure and proud to inform you that the application is parked and paid by mobile phone MobilePark, joined by the great family EasyPark. EasyPark is a European leading company in digitising cities. It currently operates on 13 markets and covers 800 cities throughout Europe. Even in Slovenia, EasyPark will become unique as it offers the widest territorial coverage in our cities. EasyPark will further facilitate your user experience. You will have access to an intuitive, simple and convenient application that is used daily by millions of users throughout Europe. By the end of 2018, the MobilePark service will gradually merge and then replace the new application EasyPark. Migration will take place so easily that it will be almost undetectable for us users. "Welcome EasyPark!" Let's make the city a pleasant place to stay. EasyPark parking future. Made easy.  

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