Many industries can be by shifting the time and energy of minor, bureaucratic tasks to a much more urgent things to improve the quality of services. But sometimes it is difficult to avoid certain tasks, even if they are far less important than the other. Automation of certain processes can save you a lot of time and energy, and allows you to focus on the essential, therefore, to what can sometimes be vitally important – especially when it comes to health care. To achieve greater automation, there are all advanced mobile applications that are easy to use, while bringing huge benefits. The app can be your faithful assistant, whatever profession you are doing, of course, mobile applications can advantageously also be used in their free time.

Mobile apps in healthcare

One of the areas where they can intelligently designed and carefully crafted mobile app extremely useful, it is certainly health. With the implementation of mobile applications in the working process can for instance simplify the ordering process and informing patients about the approaching period. Classic ordering patient requires quite some time and organizational skills, any changes can cause considerable confusion and a lot of extra work. Options for ordering the use of applications are usually delighted by the patients, because it is not longer necessary to call time to adapt office hours, in addition, it reduces the possibility of forgetting an appointment.

Of course, mobile applications designed a simplified procurement are not the only type of applications that can be useful in medicine. The company 4eGenus specialized for innovations related to mobile technology, so for example we have developed an extremely useful application that is tailored to the users of lasers, ie both doctors and patients. The usefulness of the application lies in the possibility of easy viewing of photos, which documented the actual examples from practice. This helps the patient to take a final decision regarding intervention. By using this application you can get answers to many questions that you may suffer from, and thus get rid of their worries. They can also monitor developments in the laser industry, and to become acquainted with the latest research and the findings. Of the applications, as mentioned above, benefits not only the patients, but can greatly facilitate the work of the doctor. You can use the app to keep a logbook and simplify monitoring the patient’s progress is documented only in verbal form, but also illustrated with photographs. Doctors have applications for even less work by explaining the details of the proposed therapies for patients.

Insurance and possibilities of using mobile apps

Even applications aimed at insurance companies and their clients, have recently enjoyed great interest. This may for example applications that policyholders easy and fast browsing for information related to their insurance policy. Access to information anywhere and at any time for the majority of policyholders are extremely important because they have such a greater sense of security, thereby strengthening their positive experience with the selected insurance company. In addition, insured by using the application easier to plan any changes or adjustments insurance for their current needs. In developing these applications it is of course necessary to provide for adequate security, because it is often very sensitive data. So it matters whom you trust making applications. The company 4eGenus we specialize in the application programming intended for use in the insurance industry. In this area we have a wealth of experience of, our quality is confirmed also won many awards and prizes. So you can be sure it will work – if you trust us making applications – is done with a great deal of responsibility and professionalism, but also innovation. We do not want merely to reproduce already seen, but our goal is to manufacture custom applications that will be completely unique, customized to your needs. All of our applications provide optimum security to be used.

Options for developing applications suitable for insurance, are practically unlimited. Policyholders are usually particularly pleased applications that allow quick assistance insurance when it comes to accidents on the road. With the help of these applications can quickly apply the damage caused and to find the nearest service center. Very useful applications can also assist you in making your ride even more secure than the current, and thus can also get some other benefits. Although the benefits initially is often the most important motivation for safer driving, but most drivers soon found to be responsible driving, which increases your safety and the safety of other participants, the prize itself.

Mobile apps that replace online bank and allow you to pay by cash

Probably the biggest boom currently experienced by applications that are used in the banking industry or in banking. Again, this is an area in which we are in the company 4eGenus extremely well informed, so we will be happy to assist you in developing your ideas, of course, but also take care to only produce applications for cashless payments. Request possibly the most simple cashless commerce between consumers becoming increasingly vocal, to which must adapt to a number of companies that want to remain competitive, in particular, this applies to the bank. More and more customers paying favors the use of mobile and smart phones, as these have become our constant companions. So we no longer need to download additional cards and other items because they can always be more things done using a smartphone. Those who have not yet adapted to the requirements of modern times and modern consumer, so run the risk of financial loss.

Also, banks are paying a lot of attention to the mobile version of online banking, which are more convenient and often mobile applications upgraded with special features that online banks do not allow (for example, a search option ATMs in the vicinity). Although users of mobile bank enthusiastic about its practicality, but on the other hand still raises several issues related to security. In this case, the desire to avoid any security risk, especially understandable, since they can play a fairly large amount of money. This is in our company is very well aware of this fact in the manufacture of mobile apps targeting financial transactions, especially careful. You can be sure that we will provide optimal security without compromising the easy to use applications themselves, which is essential for a positive user experience.

If you have any questions related to our services, we invite you to contact us or call us. Welcome to you all who are interested in the development of applications related to the fields by this time we have not mentioned. We assure you that we will meet all your wishes!

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